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Last revised: August 26, 2013


Requirements for Graduation

A total of 45 semester credits are necessary to fulfill the requirement for the regular diploma from the Cedar Falls High School. A total of 40 semester credits are necessary to fulfill the requirements for the core diploma from Cedar Falls High School.

Students in grade 9 are required to earn a minimum of six (6) core area credits before being promoted to the 10th grade. Core area credits are defined as English, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science.

A credit is defined as the successful completion of one semester of an academic subject.


Physical Education/Health 4.5 credits*
Science 6 credits
Mathematics 6 credits
English 8 credits
Social Studies 6 credits
Personal Economics 1 credit
Fine and/or Practical Arts 2 credits
Electives 11.5 credits
Total Credits needed for Regular Diploma 45 credits


A total of 4 credits of physical education and .5 credit of Health are required for graduation. All students are required to enroll in physical education each semester except those exempted/disqualified by physical disabilities properly certified to by a physician and forwarded to the nurse prior to the beginning of each semester. *Physical education in grades 9-12 will be a graded course earning .50 credits each semester. Students in grade 10 will be required to enroll in one semester of physical education and one semester of physical education/health.

All credits will be counted towards graduation and will be calculated in a student’s grade point average. After the seventh week of a semester, a student dropping a course will receive a grade of “F” for the semester.

All students are required to carry a minimum of six academic subjects, or the equivalent, plus physical education each semester in high school. Exceptions to this because of special programs, such as work or tutoring, must be approved by the principal.

Students may audit a course for no credit and have it recorded on their transcript. This declaration must be made at the time of registration.

Students enrolled in another educational institution offering high school extension or correspondence courses may transfer a maximum of eight (8) credits towards graduation. Participation must be approved by the principal.

Students must be enrolled in Cedar Falls High School during their final semester in school in order to meet the requirements for graduation.

All exceptional or unusual circumstances concerning graduation must be evaluated by the high school principal and the superintendent of schools, and may require approval of the board of education.

Practical Arts and/or Fine Arts Requirement – Regular Diploma

Students must earn a total of two credits in the Fine Arts/Practical Arts areas. Students may earn two credits in one area or one credit in each area to satisfy this requirement. Elective courses in the following departments will satisfy the practical arts requirement: Business Education, Industrial Technology Education, Family and Consumer Sciences, and Cadet Teaching. Elective courses in the following departments will satisfy the fine arts requirement: Art, Music, and Speech.

Personal Economics Requirement – Regular Diploma

The personal economics requirement may be met by successfully completing one of the following courses in grades 9-12:

  • Consumer Economics (9th Grade)
  • Adult Living I or II
  • Math for Daily Living
  • Business Law
  • Introduction to Business
  • Economics
  • Personal Finance
  • Vocational Cooperative programs:
    • Office Education
    • Distributive Education
    • Food Service
    • Health Occupations
    • Trades and Industry

Social Studies Requirements – Regular Diploma

At least one of the two semester courses in social studies beyond tenth grade must be in the World Studies area. The following courses will satisfy this requirement:

  • Eastern Civilizations
  • World Geography
  • Western Civilizations
  • Developing Nations

Any other course that may be modified and/or added to the high school program of studies which meets the established criteria of emphasis as approved by the administration may be used to satisfy these course requirements.


To request enrollment into the Cedar Falls High School Core Diploma Program, a student must be in their third or fourth year of high school and deemed to be credit deficient. A request to enroll in the program is to be made to the high school principal, associate principal, school counselor, or alternative program coordinator. The high school principal must give final approval for acceptance into the Core Diploma Program. Students accepted into the Core Diploma Program may complete coursework at the Cedar Falls High School and/or the Cedar Falls Alternative Program.

Upon acceptance, the student and their assigned school counselor will develop an Individualized Graduation Plan (IGP). The plan must be signed by the student and parent/guardian (if the student is under the age of 18), their school counselor, and the high school principal. The IGP will be used to monitor student progress towards meeting high school graduation requirements.


Physical Education/Health 4.5 credits (.5 credits per semester)
Science 6 credits
Mathematics 6 credits
English 8 credits
Social Studies 6 credits
Personal Economics/Career Development/Service Learning 3 credits
Electives 6.5 credits
Total Credits needed for Core Diploma 40 credits

* Personal Economics/Career Development/Service Learning requirements may be met by successfully completing approved coursework identified as part of the Individual Graduation Plan (IGP).


Students who plan to graduate at the end of the first semester of their 12th grade year must complete application procedures on or before October 1 of their senior year. Exceptions must be approved by the building principal.

To be considered for early graduation, a student must have successfully completed all graduation requirements with the exception of the final semester of physical education. Parents and students are urged to analyze and discuss the possible advantages and disadvantages of early graduation. Every student is required to attend the high school for a minimum of five (5) semesters. Students approved for early graduation will have the final semester of physical education requirement waived.

No student will be allowed to graduate prior to the end of the first semester of their 12th grade year unless an exception has been approved by the Cedar Falls Board of Education.


Students transferring in to the Cedar Falls District must meet all established requirements to receive a diploma from Cedar Falls High School. The district retains the right to determine grade level placement and whether or not to accept credits earned from a student’s previous educational setting.

Transfer students in good standing at their previous school will be required to assume the course requirements of Cedar Falls High School, effective at the time of their transfer. However, all transfer students must meet the state requirements in U. S. History and American Government.

  1. Only credits earned in a high school or high school program accredited by their state department of education will be accepted towards meeting the graduation requirements for Cedar Falls High School. Exceptions may be granted only through approval of the superintendent of schools or designee. In the event credit is accepted from a non-accredited educational program, neither numerical or letter grades received will be recorded on the student’s permanent transcript.
  2. A student who transfers from a non-accredited educational program will only be eligible for honors and awards for the actual period of time enrolled at Cedar Falls High School, and will not be eligible for class ranking until they have been fully-enrolled for six (6) or more semesters.

Students currently enrolled in the Cedar Falls District wanting to take courses offered by another district or post secondary institution must obtain pre-approval for the course from the high school principal in order for the credit to be accepted towards meeting graduation requirements.


Any student enrolled in a 9-12 course prior to entering the 9th grade will receive high school credit upon successful completion of that course. Credit earned will apply towards graduation and grades earned will be calculated into the student’s grade point average. This option only applies to qualifying students as defined by the district’s Guidelines to Accommodate Academically Advanced Students. Credits earned for application are limited to core area courses (English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies) and World Language courses.

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April 16, 1973

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