Board Policies

Last revised: June 11, 2012


School Publications

The Board is cognizant of the value of school-sponsored publications as an opportunity for the expression of students’ points of view and as an effective means of communication with parents and the community. It is recognized that the school system’s image is reflected in the publications that are released by individuals within the staff. The school is often judged by the content of these publications.

The principal is accountable for the release of all publications from his/her building; however, he/she may delegate to one of the professional staff the responsibility to produce or supervise certain publications. Staff members, including administrators, proposing a publication or news release that includes an interpretation of school district policies or an official district position shall have the content of such publications approved by the superintendent or his/her designee before they are released.

Students’ rights to free expression of facts and opinions are protected unless the materials in question are libelous or obscene or unless there is clear evidence that disruption of school activities would occur as the result of publishing particular material. Student publications shall be free from restrictions beyond the normal rules for responsible journalism.

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Date of Adoption

June, 1965

Date of Revision

February 25, 1980
January 22, 1990
May 12, 1997
June 9, 2003
June 18, 2007
June 11, 2012