Board Policies

Last revised: June 11, 2012


Parent Involvement

The school district will assist in developing and implementing continued programs for active parental involvement in a variety of roles at all grade levels. In order to promote a close relationship between school and home and enable teachers and parents to cooperate in the education of children and youth, the schools are committed to supporting parents as decision-makers and developing their leadership in governance, advisory, and advocacy roles. The Cedar Falls School District supports and promotes communication between school and family regarding programs, policies, and student progress and will help parents develop skills and techniques designed to assist their children in learning at home.

Parent-teacher organizations at the building and district level constitute an important and desirable aspect of the total effort to accomplish the goals of the Cedar Falls Community School District. Cooperation with such organizations which set forth meaningful programs of action consistent with the philosophy and policies of the district is to be encouraged. Parent-teacher organizations may be established for each attendance unit in the school district. The building administrator for each attendance unit shall serve as the liaison officer representing the school system.

Each attendance unit organization may be a member of a system-wide parent-teacher council whose purpose shall be to coordinate the efforts of the individual units toward common goals.

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June, 1965

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June, 1965
September 10, 1979
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