Board Policies

Last revised: October 14, 2013


Administrative Policies for Community Use of Facilities

  1. The facilities of the Cedar Falls Community School District are for the primary use of students for curricular and extracurricular activities. The board believes school facilities should be available for the community when such use does not conflict with school activities or maintenance projects.
  2. Local civic, religious, fraternal, patriotic and community welfare organizations, including any group interested in promoting cultural, educational or recreational activities, are eligible to use auditoriums, gymnasiums, classrooms and other school properties, providing the activities are not contrary to law.
  3. Organizations interested in using school facilities should make such requests through the Office of Business Affairs. The Office of Business Affairs will determine the availability and appropriate usage of the facilities. Completion of a Facility Request Form (see Facility Usage Manual) is required by the organization.
  4. The extent of district staff (facility coordinators, building supervisors, custodians, technicians, and food service, etc.) needed by groups reserving school facilities will be determined by the Office of Business Affairs.
  5. Permission granted for facility usage by the Office of Business Affairs shall be made in writing through the signing of a contract with the representative of the organization making the request.
    1. It is the responsibility of the representative to read the Facility Usage Manual and be aware of all guidelines for usage, as well as any specific guidelines set forth by the Office of Business Affairs.
    2. Two copies of the signed contract shall be required. The Office of Business Affairs will retain one copy and the representative of the group will retain the second copy.
    3. A signed hold harmless agreement, including proof of insurance (see Facilities Usage Manual) must be submitted to the Office of Business Affairs prior to rental.
    4. The District reserves the right to cancel or postpone any activity due to conflict, disregard of policies, or other uncontrollable circumstances, including Class A activities (see Facility Usage Manual). If approval has been given to a group to use facilities and it is later determined that the facilities will not be available, notice of cancellation or change of venue shall be given to the applicant as soon as possible with reasons for the cancellation or change of venue. The designated building supervisors (facility coordinators, building supervisors, custodians, technicians, and food service, etc.) on duty have the right to terminate any activity at any time due to violations of Board policies and rules, or federal, state or municipal laws, or if the activity is deemed to be hazardous to people, buildings, or equipment.
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Date of Adoption

September 10, 1979

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January 10, 1983
April 14, 1986
December 11, 1989
January 22, 1990
March 11, 1996
January 26, 1998
April 9, 2001
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October 14, 2013