Board Policies

Last revised: June 11, 2012


Public Examination of School District Records

The examination and copying of public records should be done under the supervision of the lawful custodian of the records or the custodian’s authorized designee. The lawful custodian shall not require the physical presence of a person requesting or receiving a copy of a public record and shall fulfill requests for a copy of a public record received in writing, by telephone, or by electronic means. Fulfillment of a request for a copy of a public record may be contingent upon receipt of payment of expenses to be incurred in fulfilling the request and such estimated expenses shall be communicated to the requester upon receipt of the request. The lawful custodian may adopt and enforce reasonable rules regarding the examination and copying of the records and the protection of the records against damage or disorganization. The lawful custodian shall provide a suitable place for the examination and copying of the records, but if it is impracticable to do the examination and copying of the records in the office of the lawful custodian, the person desiring to examine or copy shall pay any necessary expenses of providing a place for the work.

All expenses of the work shall be paid by the person desiring to examine or copy. The lawful custodian may charge a reasonable fee for the services of the lawful custodian or the custodian’s authorized designee in supervising the examination and copying of the records during the work. If copy equipment is available at the office of the lawful custodian of any public records, the lawful custodian shall provide any person a reasonable number of copies of any public record in the custody of the office upon the payment of a fee. The fee for the copying service as determined by the lawful custodian shall not exceed the actual cost of providing the service. Actual costs shall include only those expenses directly attributable to supervising the examination of and making and providing copies of public records. Actual costs shall not include charges for ordinary expenses or costs such as employee benefits, depreciation, maintenance, electricity, or insurance associated with the administration of the office of the lawful custodian.

Public records of the school district may be viewed by the public during the regular business hours of the administration offices of the school district. Persons wishing to view the school district’s public records will contact the board secretary and make arrangements for the viewing. The board secretary will make arrangements for viewing the records as soon as practicable, depending on the nature of the request.

Persons may request copies of public records in writing, including electronically. The school district may require pre-payment of the costs prior to copy and mailing.

Persons wanting copies may be assessed a fee for the copy. Persons wanting compilation of information may be assessed a fee for the time of the employee to compile the requested information. Printing of materials for the public at the expense of the school district will only occur when the event is sponsored by the school district.

Pursuant to Iowa law, the board has determined certain records need to be confidential as their disclosure could jeopardize the safety of persons or property and include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Security procedures
  • Emergency preparedness procedures
  • Evacuation procedures
  • Security codes and passwords

It is the responsibility of the board secretary to maintain accurate and current records of the school district. It is the responsibility of the board secretary to respond in a timely manner to requests for viewing and receiving public information of the school district.

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Date of Adoption

August 8, 2005

Date of Revision

November 13, 2006
June 8, 2009
June 11, 2012