Board Policies

Last revised: June 11, 2012


Teacher and Student Involvement in Sales, Money-Raising and Charitable Activities

  1. Profit-Making Organizations

    Teachers and students shall not be used for the promotion or sale of services/products of businesses, agencies or organizations operating for profit. The Board of Education specifically forbids such activities as the following:

    1. Distribution by students of pamphlets or other literature urging students, parents, and others to purchase services or products sold primarily for the benefit of a profit-making organization.
    2. The sale by students or teachers of products and/or services, except in relation to production by students as part of the educational program.

    When the Board of Education and/or the superintendent of schools feels that said benefits outweigh any promotional purpose, prior approval can be given by the superintendent or designee to an activity.

  2. Distribution — Sales Literature

    No one shall be permitted to solicit any student or teacher, to distribute circulars, handbills, cards or advertisements or take up contributions, except by approval from the superintendent of schools or designee as being in accord with the general philosophy and policies of the Board of Education.

  3. School Fund-Raising Activities

    Building administrators may authorize a limited number of building fund-raising activities. Funds raised through such sales must be expended for school-related projects. Funds should be accounted for as specified by the district business office procedure and in accordance with established auditing policies. Such projects shall have prior approval of the appropriate director.

  4. School-Related Parent Organization Fund Drives

    School-related parent organization fund drives which require the assistance of students and/or other school employed personnel will need to be evaluated under preceding portions of this and other policies.

  5. Charitable Fund Drives

    Participation by students in activities of charitable organizations are considered to be a desirable part of a student’s total education. The Board of Education authorizes the administration to determine the nature and extent of involvement in such activities.

  6. Principal’s Responsibility

    It is incumbent upon the building principal to insure that all such activities are so arranged and scheduled that they do not improperly infringe upon time which should be devoted to formal learning activities.

This policy is in coordination with Policy 507.3, Student Wellness

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Date of Adoption

February 28, 1972

Date of Revision

January 24, 1983
December 11, 1989
May 12, 1997
June 9, 2003
June 18, 2007
June 11, 2012