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5th Grade Vocalist Selected for Opus

Allyson Johnson will head to Ames, Iowa to sing in the 5th-9th grade Opus Honor Choir in November. Allyson spent time outside of the school day with her music teacher, Mrs. Kaddatz,  to prepare her audition. They are pictured here with one of the songs the honor choir will perform on November 15th at Hilton. Congratulations, Allyson and Mrs. Kaddatz!

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Celebrating 4th Grade Writers

Fourth grade writers celebrated the completion of their true books!! They completed a gallery walk (while chewing some bubble gum) and gave each other positive feedback on celebration sticky notes! Nothing makes them work harder than knowing that their hard work is celebrated and enjoyed!

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Stacking Those Lunch Trays to Help Our Earth

    Eating in our classroom has been a lot of fun, but when we’re done eating and head out to the hallway to empty our trays, that’s where the fun ends.  We see wasted food and garbage piling up in the cans. The first day both fifth and sixth grades filled 4 garbage cans with just our lunch garbage! That’s too much garbage going to the landfill.  We noticed that the garbage that was taking up the most space was the styrofoam trays. The next day we had a conversation about volume and capa [...]

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Be PROactive instead of Reactive!

Mrs. Cline's 2nd grade students are pictured here working on their proactive skills.  All classes have been practicing ways to be proactive in the classroom, on the playground, on the bus, and anywhere they may be during their school day. Teachers have focused on specific proactive skills each day so far this school year.  

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