Lincoln Weekly Announcements 2016-10-28

Academics Lincoln Elementary


Canyon Creek Conference Scheduler Parent Window Open - Parent Instructions

10.31 - Halloween Parades, please see below for more information

11.01 - Lost & Found items unclaimed are donated


11.06 - Daylight Savings Time Ends - Set clocks back an hour!

11.07 - 6th Grade Music Concert at 7 PM in the Lincoln Gym

11.07 - Canyon Creek Conference Scheduler CLOSES

11.11 - PALS Family Event - more details coming!

11.15 - Parent - Teacher Conferences 4-8pm

11.17 - NOON DISMISSAL & Parent - Teacher Conferences 1-8pm

11.18 - NO SCHOOL

11.24-11.25 NO SCHOOL

12.01 - Lost & Found items unclaimed are donated

12.9 - PALS Family Event - more details coming!


Thank you for a great week at Lincoln!


Conferences are November 15th and 17th. The Parent Window to schedule conferences is open October 22nd-November 7th. Please see the Parent Instructions for step by step directions for scheduling. These same instructions can be found on our Blog post as well


Halloween Parade and classroom parties: On Monday, October 31st, Lincoln will have our Halloween parade and parties. We will begin at 2:30 PM. We encourage students in grades Kindergarten through 4th Grade to bring their costumes to change shortly before our parade. We will parade outside the school (weather permitting) for our 5th and 6th Grade Students as well as our Lincoln families. Following this parade, we will have classroom parties. You are welcome to join us for our parade at the end of the day. We ask that students who dress in costumes do not bring any part of their costume that may look like a weapon or could be scary for our students. As our community has recently had a clown scare, we will not permit any clown costumes.Thank you!


As the weather is starting to get colder please make sure that your children are sent to school with proper outdoor attire (coat, hat, gloves, etc.). The weather changes frequently and we would like our students to be outside as much as possible. Students will be expected to go outside for recess in what they come dressed in.


All lost and found items will be donated on Tuesday, Nov 1st, please make sure you or student has checked to make sure nothing belong to you.