Friday, December 22 - Announcements

Student Life Peet Junior High


Today is Friday, December 22nd an A Day.

We are looking for a missing chromebook.  Please check your chromebook for Samsung 3 #502574.  If you have this chromebook please return it to the library.

Today’s lunch will be: Cheese Stick Dipper with Marinara, Hamburger Hoagie, Baked Cauliflower, Relish Strips with Ranch, and Sidekicks.

Happy birthday today to: Caden Rentz, Emma Schmidt, Claire Shaw, Dax Stotser, & Benjamin Tjaden!

Happy birthday through the end of December to: Sam Rockvam, Gavin Herum, Lauren Vlasak, Holly Corbett, Tanner Jerome, Frank Barbeau, Aubri Leinbaugh, Gage Mills, Megan Chagdes, Natasha McLane, Keith Nelson, & Henry Koehn!