Friday, November 10th - Announcements

Student Life Peet Junior High


Today is Friday, November 10th a B Day.

There is no bridge building enrichment for Tiger Time today.

No Echoes on Monday, November 13 due to a meeting after school. All students should make arrangements to get home immediately after school. Echoes will resume on Tuesday, November 14.

8th grade girls basketball won last night against Bunger. Game 1: Peet 41 - Bunger 10. 5th Quarter: Peet 11 - Bunger 6. Nice job!

9th Grade Girls interested in playing Women’s Soccer this spring, there is season information and coach contact information in the front office. Please email the coach to get open gym and training information.

Do you ever want to have an educated conversation? Are you a night owl who thinks a lot? Is it hard to shut off your brain?  Do you think too much for your own good?  Well let’s have a conversation. Come to the library after school today, and let’s have a conversation with your peers.

Any 9th grade guys interested in High School wrestling - practice starts November 13 at 3:30 at the High School.  You can ride the activity bus to the High School.

Today’s lunch will be: Bacon Cheeseburger, Hot Sub Sandwich, Green Beans, Mixed Greens Salad, and Peaches.

Happy Birthday today to: Sophie Dias!

Happy Birthday this weekend to: Nolan Anderson, Carson Anton, Megan Anton, Molli Larson, Emma Hobbs, & Caleb Raisty!