Tuesday, November 7 - Announcements

Student Life Peet Junior High


Today is Tuesday, November 7th an A Day.

The Tiger Way Award is given to Peet students who go out of their way to make Peet a better place. The October winners of the Tiger Way Award are Jaden Swarts, nominated by Mr. Wolf, and Annie Brown, nominated by Mrs. Kockler. Mr. Wolf said in regards to Jaden, “I’m not sure you can always put into words what people exhibit when they live the Tiger Way, but Jaden Swarts seems to be involved in class, involved in nearly every school activity you could possibly be involved in, and is genuinely interested in making the school a better place by her actions. Leadership by example. She would be my nominee for someone who does everything the Tiger Way.” Mrs. Kockler said about Annie, “In Algebra and Study Hall, Annie is always willing to help anyone that is struggling or has a question. She is very patient and kind. She is showing the true Tiger Way by being a great leader and peer.” Congratulations to Jaden & Annie! Thank you for showing the Tiger Way!

Students with classes at the HS: This Friday, all secondary schools will be running a morning assembly schedule. Because of the shortened class periods, we will not be sending any students to the HS until 5th period. 5th - 7th period students will still go to the HS at regularly scheduled times. Please see Mrs. Hinders in the Counseling Office if you have questions.  

8th Grade Girls Basketball will be dismissed at 2:40 today.

9th Grade Girls interested in playing Women’s Soccer this spring, there will be a meeting at 7:30am in the Media Center tomorrow morning.

Today’s lunch will be: Pizza Hut Pepperoni Pizza, Popcorn Chicken, Broccoli with Cheese, Relish Strips with Ranch, and Grapes.

Happy birthday today to: Allen Mrzljak, Salem Strohbeen, & Truman Unruh!

Today we challenge you to pick up any garbage you see in the hallways or cafeteria, and help to keep the school clean!