Tuesday, October 3 - Announcements

Student Life Peet Junior High


Today is Tuesday, October 3rd an A Day.

The Tiger Way Award is given to students that go out of their way to make Peet a better place. The September winners of the Tiger Way Award are Carter Balvanz, nominated by Mrs. Ellingson, and Jamie McDowell, nominated by Mr. Norby. Mrs. Ellingson nominated Carter because he goes out of his way to be helpful to to other students, teachers, and staff at Peet.  Carter is respectful and considerate.  In gym class he makes everyone feel included, and he is a good sport!  Carter is a great example of a student who demonstrates the Tiger Way!  Mr. Norby nominated Jamie for the following reasons: Jamie is always kind and caring to other students. She works hard to help others with their work, not just herself. I have students in class who become overwhelmed easily. Jamie sits by the students, encourages them, and shows that someone cares. Congratulations to Carter and Jamie as well as the other students that were nominated!  We appreciate you showing the Tiger Way!

If you are one of the 256 students that has not taken the culture survey on Schoology, please do so by the end of the day today!

October bus passes are now on sale at the lunch window before school and during all three lunch shifts.  The cost for a two way bus pass is $46.00 and a one way pass is $23.00.  Students who ride the bus and do not have a bus sticker on his/her ID, need to purchase a bus pass by October 5th.

Tiger Way applications are due to the Media Center today by 3:15. Please review the application for a complete description of these leadership opportunities!

Today’s announcement for Anti Bullying Month: “What you permit, you promote.” (from Mr. Groen) Help stomp out bullying!

Today’s lunch will be: Pizza Hut Cheese Pizza, Popcorn Chicken, Broccoli, Baby Carrots with Ranch, and Apple.

Happy birthday today to: Amelia Hadley & Isabelle Shock!