Monday, September 12 - Announcements

Academics Peet Junior High

Today is Monday, September 12th a B Day.

Women's Choir is rehearsing today during the first 10 minutes of each lunch shift. Even if you forgot to come down to the choir room last week for rehearsal, you can still come join this week.

The 2016-2017 Melodies, Inc. roster will be posted today after school outside the choir room. Thank you to all who auditioned!

Echoes begins next Monday. You must sign up on Schoology in the Peet JH Student Group. There is a link to a registration form. If you plan on riding the bus home next week you must indicate on the registration form that you will ride and identify your home address. If you do not sign up for the bus this week you will not be able to ride the bus next week.

The 9th grade volleyball A team won the Cedar Rapids Washington Freshman Invitational this weekend.  The B team took 2nd in consolation.  More importantly, the team showed great character this weekend.  The sportsmanship displayed toward other teams and fans was fantastic.  Coach Bri and Coach Iehl continue to be extremely proud of this team and their work on and off the court.

Today’s lunch will be: Cheeseburger, General Tso Chicken, Potato Wedges, Mixed Greens with Ranch, and Pineapple.