Monday, January 7th, 2018 A Day

Student Life Holmes Junior High

Today is orchestra lesson Day 1. Wednesday will be orchestra lesson day 3.

Any 9th grade girls interested in running high school track should stop by the front office to sign up.  There will be an informational meeting Jan 16th at 3pm in the Holmes conf room.

There will be a REQUIRED Variety Show kick-off meeting on Monday, January 7 in the choir room during Tiger Time. Check in with your Tiger Time teacher, then come to the choir room. The meeting will take 5 minutes, then you'll go to your requested Tiger Time location. If you are involved in Men's Choir, Women's Choir, Show Choir, or any other performance, please attend.

Variety Show MC auditions will be right after school on Tuesday, January 8 in the art room.

Variety Show drama auditions will be right after school on Thursday, January 10 in the art room.

Attention all Poetry Out Loud participants: Please report to Mrs. McCabe's room (Room 7) during Tiger Time on Tuesday, the 8th. We will share our poem choices and prepare for competition. Mrs. Skeens from the Hearst Center will be in attendance.

It's Monday, the Happy Trees bracelet is on, that must mean it's time for Bob Ross during Tiger Time today, fam.

Bus 17 is not running, you will  take 47 instead.