Talent Show May 26 & 30

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Cedar Heights’


Talent Show 1 on Friday, May 26.

Talent Show 2 on Tuesday, May 30.

What should I do for the talent show?

This is a question kids ask themselves, their parents, and their friends every year when it's time for the school talent show. The talent show is the perfect opportunity to strut your stuff in front of all your friends and teachers, and show them just what you’ve got. From the obvious to the original, there are plenty of choices.  If you’ve been taking performance lessons of any kind, such as acting, singing, dancing, gymnastics, or playing a musical instrument, then you’re all set with an excellent act.   Other creative ideas are also welcome - magic show, karate demonstration, jump-rope, poetry recitation, yo-yo routine– the sky is the limit for “Cedar Heights’ Got Talent.”  


Auditions for the shows will be after school on May 9 and 11.  All acts must contain material that is appropriate for school.  Time limit for all acts is 3 minutes (All acts will be cut at the 3:00 mark).  If your child is unable to audition after school, please contact Tiffany Ahrens at 319-553-2891 or at Tiffany.Ahrens@cfschools.org to set up a recess audition.  Try to be creative and original.  Musical acts must have music available at the audition, please give us the link to any YouTube videos, or a CD with the music on it.  We will not accept personal devices for music.  There will be a piano available for piano acts.  Come to the audition well-rehearsed.  The goal is to inspire students who have talent to share it with their school!  What talent will you share with your school?  Please return the slip below to school by Friday, April 28.

Student(s) name_______________________________________ grade ________

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Describe Act: _______________________________________________________


Song Title (if musical act): _____________________________________________

Parent email:________________________________ Parent Phone number:_______________

Talent Show Permission Slip.pdf