ACT Scores Highest Average Achieved

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Cedar Falls' class of 2016 had an average composite score of 24.5, the same as last year. It is the highest average the district has ever achieved. 

Dan Conrad, Cedar Falls Community Schools' secondary education director, noted the district maintained its highest-ever average despite a growth in the number of students who took the ACT.

"We did have a pretty big increase in the number of students who took the test," he said. "We are also pleased with the increase in the percentage of students meeting the college readiness benchmarks." All four benchmarks were met by 53 percent of test-takers,  up 6 percentage points from last year. "This compares to 33 percent for the state and 28 percent for the nation."

He pointed to the collaboration done through the professional learning community process for resulting in "a consistent set of learning targets and expectations for all students."

"Although we are pleased with these results, we cannot be satisfied with the status quo," said Conrad. The district "will continue to set higher goals and strive to provide opportunities for all students to meet those goals."

Excerpt from Courier article.