Board Policies

Last revised: January 23, 2012


Loading and Unloading of School Buses

It is the policy of the Cedar Falls Community School District that the ongoing program of school bus safety shall be augmented by the following provisions regarding loading and unloading of students during reduced visibility caused by fog, snow or other weather conditions.

  1. If it is determined by the superintendent or the superintendent’s designee that unsafe conditions caused by fog, snow or other weather conditions are present throughout the district, buses shall not operate.
  2. In instances where fog, snow or other weather conditions are encountered by drivers during the course of operations, each driver is authorized to make decisions regarding whether to make the stops affected by the reduced visibility conditions. Drivers shall report all stops by-passed as a result of such reduced visibility. Reports are to be made by radio to the bus garage office as soon as is safely possible after the decision to by-pass has been made. If radio contact cannot be made, the report must be made by the earliest and safest other means of communication. Students who cannot be discharged at regular stops will be returned to a district facility and contact will be made with the parents/guardians.
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Date of Adoption

September 8, 1980

Date of Revision

December 11, 1989
April 28, 2003
April 9, 2007
January 23, 2012