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Last revised: January 23, 2012


Use of School Bus Services by Community Groups

All local civic, religious, fraternal, patriotic and community welfare organizations, including any individuals or groups interested in promoting cultural, educational or recreational activities are eligible to use school buses, providing the travel to be conducted is not contrary to the public interest. The Board of Education and/or the school administration reserve the right to refuse rental of the buses for any travel.

Such school bus services may be provided under the following conditions:

  1. The service must be provided at a time which will not interfere with student transportation.
  2. The travel must be to a location in the Black Hawk County area.
  3. The request must have been approved by the director of human resources or the director of business affairs.
  4. The contracting party shall pay an amount not to exceed the pro rata cost of transportation, as determined by the district.
  5. A properly executed rental contract must have been executed through the business office.
  6. All rules and regulations specified on the contract of rental must be followed by the requesting party and all persons being transported.
  7. The routes to be traveled and the destination must have been approved in advance by the director of human resources or the director of business affairs.
  8. All judgments as to road and weather conditions will be made by school officials. After travel has begun, the driver shall have the necessary authority to cancel any travel because of road or weather conditions.
  9. Only regular route drivers or regular substitute drivers employed by the Cedar Falls Community School will be allowed to operate buses during travel under this policy.

All organizations and persons utilizing school bus services under this policy must agree to reimburse the Cedar Falls Community School District for any and all damages to buses and/or equipment arising from the actions of the organizations or persons.

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Date of Adoption

January 23, 1989

Date of Revision

February 10, 1997
April 28, 2003
April 9, 2007
January 23, 2012