Board Policies

Last revised: May 14, 2012


Conversion of School Health Insurance for Retirees

All personnel who retire at the age of 60 or more and who have had at least 24 months of employment in the Cedar Falls School District, and those who retire at age 55-59 and who have had at least five years of employment in the district shall be entitled to continue their school health insurance. Such employment must have been immediately preceding retirement.

Employees, who retire at age 55 or more and who, immediately upon retirement, begin receiving Iowa Public Employees Retirement System and social security (FICA) retirement benefits shall be eligible to continue their school health insurance without regard to length of service.

The total cost of such insurance shall become the responsibility of the retiree. All payments for continuation of school health insurance must be made in a timely manner to the Cedar Falls Community School District business office in accordance with the insurance payment procedures of that office.

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Date of Adoption

May 14, 1973

Date of Revision

February 24, 1986
May 8, 1989
April 28, 2003
April 9, 2007
May 14, 2012