Board Policies

Last revised: May 14, 2012


Purchasing and Acquisition of Technology Equipment

All technological equipment and devices (including, but not limited to) printers, projectors, software or graphic cards, must be reviewed, approved, and facilitated by the Supervisor of Technology Services. All technology related purchases and/or donations to the Cedar Falls Community School District must adhere to these guidelines. This includes, but is not limited to; district, corporate, public, private and staff donations.

The review and approval procedure for purchasing any technology equipment and software is intended to provide:

  1. A centralized point of information about technology items
  2. A campus-wide inventory of hardware and software
  3. Pricing advantages
  4. License compliance for software purchases
  5. Hardware and software that can be supported
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Date of Adoption

October 12, 2009

Date of Revision

May 14, 2012