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Registration will be open at Noon on Friday, January 26, 2018, at the above link, which will be live at that time.

Preschool registration will consist of the following questions. No documentation will be required during registration period.
Student Last Name
Student First Name
Student Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY)
City, State, Zip
Parent/Guardian Last Name
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Primary Phone Number
Primary Contact Email
Preschool School Choice 1-6 (Aldrich, Cedar Heights, Hansen, Lincoln, North Cedar and Southdale)
Would you qualify for Headstart? (Income guidelines are posted and required to answer.)

Dear Parents:
You have already celebrated many firsts with your child. Now you are approaching another milestone as you and your child prepare for preschool in the Cedar Falls Community School District. Your child will learn to work and play with others, to express themselves, to learn to use and manage their bodies, and to extend their interests and understanding of the world about them. This will be a time to nurture curiosity and an eagerness for learning. Your child will develop literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, arts, technology, and process skills. The pleasure of learning begins in preschool and is encouraged and embraced each day in the preschool rooms. Above all, your child is cherished as an individual. As a parent, you are your child's first teacher. We invite you to continue to be a visible and active part of your child's education. You are now beginning a partnership between home and school that will provide a smooth transition for your child into our kindergarten program and future learning throughout the entire P K- 12 experience. If you have any specific questions about the preschool program at your school, please feel free to contact us. Welcome to the excitement of learning in the Cedar Falls Community Schools! We are proud of our preschool program!

Sincerely yours,
Pam Zeigler
Director of Elementary Education

The Cedar Falls Schools Preschool Program is in its seventh year. This program is funded by the Statewide-Voluntary Preschool Grant and Head Start dollars. Children that live within the Cedar Falls Schools’ boundaries, and that will be age 4 by September 15 of that school year, are eligible to participate in the program.

Classrooms are located at Aldrich, Cedar Heights, Hansen, Lincoln, North Cedar and Southdale Elementary. Our program integrates students from the grant, Head Start, and students with special needs. The tuition is free to all that participate.

The district follows a "first come, first served" policy.

Transportation is the responsibility of the family. Breakfast and hot lunch is served daily. All students will not be required to eat breakfast at preschool. The parents are responsible for the cost of breakfast and lunch. Free and reduced meal prices will be available for those families who qualify.

Questions about the preschool program may be directed to the Administration Office at 319-553-2422.

Preschool Brochure - 2017-18.pdf

3-year-old Headstart Preschool Program.pdf