Ashley Bargman

  • Special Education

    Cedar Falls High School
    • Role: Teacher
    • High School
    • 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade

Hello!  My name is Ashley Bargman.  I grew up in West Bend, Iowa.  I am a special education teacher at the high school.  I also co-teach Fundamentals of Economics with Mr. Dyvig and U.S. History II with Mr. Engdahl.  I am in my 7th year of teaching.  My first two years of teaching were at the elementary level.  I wanted to coach, so I decided to transition to the secondary level and am in my fifth year doing so.  Working with high school students on a daily basis is what keeps me going.  I enjoy talking about/preparing for life after high school with the students.  I also focus a lot on self-advocacy as it is something the students will use as their lives continue.  I am coaching 8th grade volleyball at Peet Junior High.  I am in my fifth year of coaching at the junior high/high school level.  For the past four years I have coached volleyball, basketball, and softball.  It's great to be a CF Tiger!