Board Policies

Last revised: August 8, 2016


Political Activity

Policy Number: Political Activity Code No. 403.9 

Employees shall not engage in political activities upon District property or during a student activity. Activities prohibited include, but are not limited to: 

• posting of political signs, circulars or petitions, 

• the distribution of political circulars or petitions, 

• the collection of and/or solicitation for campaign funds, 

• solicitations for campaign workers, 

• the use of students or equipment for writing, drawing or addressing political materials, and 

• using District telephones, reproduction and computer equipment, for solicitations or to poll or to urge a particular vote, wearing political buttons, and the distribution of such materials to or by students. 

Employees may engage in political activities of their choosing on their own time off District premises. Employees may attend political caucuses and events on District property which are open generally to the public. 

Date of Adoption: October 13, 2008 

Date of Revision: May 13, 2013 

August 8, 2016

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Date of Adoption

October 13, 2008

Date of Revision

May 13, 2013
August 8, 2016

Date of Review
August 08, 2016