Board Policies

Last revised: December 12, 2011


Director of Secondary Education

The director of secondary education will report directly to the superintendent with the specific assignment and responsibility of planning, organizing, and executing the secondary education program.

Specific Responsibilities

  1. Supervises, coordinates, and evaluates the school system’s program of secondary education.
  2. Provides leadership and assistance in the development of all policy affecting the administration and/or supervision of the secondary schools.
  3. Provides leadership to and coordinates the activities of secondary school principals and all other personnel whose efforts primarily and directly affect the secondary instruction program of the district.
  4. Serve as central office administrative contact on all questions concerning the administration and supervision of the secondary education program.
  5. Organize and direct staff committees in the development and revision of curriculum, direct and assist secondary staff personnel in the appraisal of and recommendation for the study and adoption of secondary textbooks and other instructional materials and for the development of instructional guides and handbooks.
  6. Assesses the certified and other staff needs of the secondary schools and makes recommendations to the superintendent of schools.
  7. Works with the human resource director in the recruitment, selection and assignment of secondary school personnel. The director will also assist in the evaluation of secondary personnel.
  8. Develops and coordinates all assigned state and federal programs involving the secondary education program.
  9. Organizes and directs staff activities concerned with research and development of the secondary school program.
  10. Is responsible in the development, coordination and control of the sections of the budget that pertain to secondary education.
  11. Assesses the educational needs of each secondary school and makes recommendations accordingly.
  12. Recommends selection and assignment of secondary administrative personnel.
  13. Evaluates and reviews the performance of secondary school administrative personnel.
  14. Makes recommendations to the superintendent concerning individual secondary school schedules, number of teaching positions, teacher load, number and size of class sections, and changes in instructional organization.
  15. Shares responsibility with principals for employment of paraeducators and work study persons involved in instruction.
  16. Encourages the use of promising innovations in the secondary school program.
  17. Responsible for meetings of secondary principals and building curriculum chairpersons.
  18. Responsible for the professional development of secondary principals and building curriculum department chairpersons.
  19. Assists in the development of educational specifications for remodeling projects or new secondary school construction and reviews plans with the superintendent and architect.
  20. Coordinates and supervises all secondary guidance activities, special services, and programs.
  21. Assist in the planning, supervision, and implementation of professional development for the improvement of secondary instructional services.
  22. Approves all requisitions originating in and for secondary buildings. This includes work orders which require expenditures which have not been budgeted.
  23. Assist in the planning and direction of the secondary after-school and summer program.
  24. Be responsible for the compliance with State standards as they are applicable to the secondary schools.
  25. Maintain membership and active participation in various civic and professional associations and committees.
  26. Assist in a positive public relations program pertinent to the creation and continuation of a good public image.
  27. Maintain liaison and active participation with educational leaders in secondary education at state, regional, and national levels.
  28. Direct the secondary school district Activities Council.
  29. Work with the director of elementary education in the coordination and articulation of the K-12 curricular programs.
  30. Maintain responsibility for the district’s equity education plan and advisory council.
  31. Serve as the district’s truancy officer, and homeless liaison.
  32. Direct the secondary special education programs.
  33. Serve as a Level I investigator to investigate complaints regarding abuse of secondary students by school employees and volunteers.
  34. Supervise and coordinate the district’s alternative education programs.
  35. Supervise and evaluate the District Technology Coordinator in cooperation with the Director of Elementary Education.
  36. To perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Superintendent of Schools.
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Date of Adoption

January 10, 1972

Date of Revision

January 10, 1983
April 10, 1989
October 14, 1996
October 14, 2002
January 8, 2007
December 12, 2011

Date of Review
May 11, 2015