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Students in 7th grade General Music meet every other day for a full year. They will spend time learning about music, listening to music, learning to read music and creating music both individually and as a class.There are no concert performances for students in general music.

Members of the 7th grade chorus meet in three separate sections throughout the year and combine for one concert each semester. This ensemble meets for one period every other day for a full year. The emphasis of 7th grade chorus is a singing ensemble that focuses on singing technique, basic theory, music literacy, hand sign solfege, listening, history, & music appreciation.

Any student in 8th grade is eligible (and encouraged!) to sing in 8th grade Chorus. This ensemble meets every other day for a full year. The 8th grade Chorus performs four different times throughout the year—twice each semester. Students in 8th grade Chorus continue to build on their skills as musicians, focusing more on becoming a member of a blended, cohesive ensemble.

Any student in 9th grade is eligible (and also encouraged!) to sing in 9th grade Chorus. This ensemble meets every other day for a full year. Like the 8th grade Chorus, the 9th grade chorus performs four different times throughout the year—twice each semester.

All girls in 7th grade Chorus, BOCH, 8th grade Chorus, and 9th grade Chorus are eligible to participate in Women’s Chorus. The girls in Women’s Chorus meet during the first 10 minutes of their lunch shift three days a week. In the weeks preceding concerts, they will rehearse as a full ensemble before school approximately three times.

All boys in 7th grade Chorus, BOCH, 8th grade Chorus, and 9th grade Chorus are eligible to participate in Men’s Chorus. The members of Men’s Chorus meet during the last 10 minutes of their lunch shift on Monday and Wednesday and before or after school once a week as members’ schedules allow.

Melodies, Inc. is Peet’s premiere show choir. Students in 8th grade Chorus and 9th grade Chorus are eligible to audition for Melodies at the beginning of the school year. Students meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:00-7:45 a.m.

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Holmes Junior High

Choral music provides an incredible avenue towards building better musicians and better people. Through teamwork, performance, music literacy, and creativity, students will develop their self-esteem and their ability to express themselves. 7th Grade, 8th Grade, and 9th Grade choirs rehearse during the school day. Show Choir, Women’s Choir, and Men’s Choir are extracurricular groups.

Eighth and ninth chorus are both an elective. Anyone is eligible to sign up, but students can be removed if they are disruptive in rehearsals. Voice training, part-singing and theory are stressed. There are two evening concerts each year, plus two assembly performances.

Seventh, eighth and ninth band and orchestra students may participate in chorus by joining vocal ensemble which generally meets twice a week. Seventh Chorus will stress voice training, part-singing, and some theory. The 7th chorus will perform twice during the school year.

Ruth Koltookian

Cedar Falls High School

The choral music program consists of three primary choral ensembles and is designed to encourage singers of all skill levels of vocal development and musicianship to participate. Each ensemble meets daily with a required two lessons per quarter commitment outside of class time. These ensembles are full year classes with each semester being worth 12 one credit. A total of three credits may be used toward graduation. At this time there are no fees required for these courses. Robes, music, folders, and other items are provided for each singer. Every other year CFHS has a musical in the Spring and every third year the choirs go on tour outside the state.

Awards presented in Choral Music:

  • The Individual Achievement Award is given in recognition of outstanding achievement in vocal music.
  • The Outstanding Member of Choir Award recognizes outstanding personal achievement as well as a strong commitment to others.
  • The Director’s Award is presented to an individual whose vocal talent is matched by their dedication and love for choral music.

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